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Foreign Employer License

Do you want to hire Indian immigrants for your company? However, if you do not wish to open an office in India, you may obtain a Foreign Employer Licence


NSIC registration

Register your company under NSIC's Single Point Registration Scheme and unlock a valuable advantage – exemption from Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) in government tenders.



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FSSAI License

Get your food license in India with ease. Our ultimate guide covers all you need to know about the process, the documents needed, and how to avoid delays. Apply now!



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GST Registration

Find out if your business is eligible for GST registration. Get a clear understanding of the criteria and requirements with this comprehensive guide on goods and services tax.



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Overseas recruitment Agent License

Get the RA license you need to legally recruit manpower for overseas jobs. Learn the requirements and process for manpower license. Apply for 100-plus or 1000-plus license


MTO registration

Get your MTO license with confidence and ease. Discover the benefits of having an MTO registration. Stay up-to-date with the latest information on MTO license registration.


IATA Registration

Learn about the IATA registration fee, process, requirements, and regulations for travel and cargo agencies, and discover the benefits of IATA accreditation.


RPSL License

If you want to start a crewing agency in the marine industry or set up a shipping company to recruit seafarers, hospitality crew, marine security officers, or riding squad from India, you will need an RPSL License.


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