Types of Intellectual Property

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  Trademark Copyright Patent Design
What’s protected? Any word, slogan, symbol, logo, recognizable sign, design, or expression that differentiates products or services of a particular source from those of others. Original works of creative expression that have been fixed in a tangible medium, such as artistic output or technical work products A patent-eligible invention that is novel, useful, and non-obvious Features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, composition of lines, color or combination thereof applied to any article
Requirements for registration The mark shall be unique. The creative work must be original and should be capable of fixing in the tangible form. An invention must be new, useful and non-obvious The design must be original and should be applied to the article by any industrial process.
Rights granted Right to prevent others from unfairly competing with you by using “confusingly similar” marks Right to exclusively reproduce, publish, perform, display, or record the creative work, and also to create derivative works from the original Right to exclude others from making, selling, using or importing a particular product or service Provides the creator, exclusive rights over use of the design.
Who can apply? Business owners or the product owners. Authors, artists, choreographers, architects, and other creative professionals. Inventors and designers. Designers or the owners of the product.
Do I have to register in order to gain protection on this? Registration is not required, but it offers you added legal benefits Registration is not required, but it offers you added legal benefits Yes; you must file a patent application Yes; you must file an application for design registration
Validity 10 years Author’s life plus 60 years; but if owned by a company, then 70 years after the date the work is first made public 20 Years 10 years, it can be renewed for another 5 years
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